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Our service for your developments

You can request our experience on embedded systems and networking issues for your projects.

We offer customized hardware and hardware-related software

  • AVR architecture
    (e.g. ATmega323, mega128, mega103, AT90S8515)
  • TCP/IP applications
  • PPP applications
  • OptiCompo Electronics :: Embedded-inet Solutions is an independent spin-off of optiCompo Electronics; besides the i-easy our development resources have been prooved in the letATwork series and several related projects.

  • EtherNut Ethernet module, cooperation with egnite GmbH :: enhancement of EtherNut hardware design; planning, development and realization of customized hard- and software applications and peripherals (e.g. webcam server - control via ethernet, webfrontend; camera drive implementation with standard video module / cash point and security system control / MediaNut - MP3-streaming-server)

  • VR3 Pocket Ethernet Ethernet add-on for the MIPS based VR3 Linux PDA of Agenda Computing :: Planning, development and realization of hard- and software including driver and setup-GUI for the PDA.
    The VR3 pocket ethernet is available via Softfield Research Ltd.

  • Marine Weather Service decoder for RTTY (telex) transmissions via short-wave radio - based on AVR architecture :: hardware development including user interface via LCD and keypad; software implementation of decoding and error correction for the RTTY signal data; data-storage, administration and user interfacing on device.

  • Industry inkjet printer control unit :: development of control and interface hardware for an industry-use inkjet printer

  • Implementation of IR communication protocols to establish VR3 communication to standard mobile phones (Nokia, Siemens and compatible).

  • amail 1.0 :: e-mail client software for Agenda Computing's VR3 PDA.
    The amail project is carried on by Andreas Schubert. Thank you Andreas!

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