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Pocket Ethernet

The VR3 Pocket Ethernet is a full functional network card for Agenda Computing's VR3 Linux PDA. The Adapter includes it's own independent power supply and the casing simply snaps in to the buttom side of the VR3 PDA.

The AddOn uses the VR3 HighSpeed Port (1.6 MBaud) and provides a 10 Base-T Ethernet Connection. Additionally to the OpenSource VR-Linux driver there is a configuration program for performing quick changes and tests of the network configuartion. The included CD-ROM provides the Eth-Kernel and a special Romdisk with tools like ssh, telnet, traceroute, wget, rdate etc.

TX/RX and battery status LEDs
TX/RX activity and battery status are always available
Battery Slot
Power from battery or optional DC supply


The Pocket Ethernet Driver is available as Kernel Patch for download at:

/pocket/download/ne2csi_V1.0.tar.gz [diff and readme, 9kB]

The sales set includes:

It is currently available from Softfield Technologies, Canada.

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