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AVR Compilers

AVR Compilers are well spread about price and feature ranges. We will just list some of the most common ones here.

ISP Programmer Software

  • PonyProg 2000 - Serial device programmer software for Windows and Linux.
    (Does support parallel port programming dongles.)

  • UISP - a commandline programming tool
    (Windows / Linux Home)

  • Atmel AVR Studio is an IDE with integrated ISP, but currently only supports serial port dongles.

Integrated Development Environments (IDE)

You are of course free to use your favourit IDE software. But for use with ATmel AVR MCUs one should mention:

Our TCP/IP projects

Open Source TCP/IP Stacks

  • Liquorice aims to provide a reliable, high performance, environment for embedded application development. It's a complete new design by Dave Hudson. Unfortunately this interesting project has come to a halt, but the latest release, dated 10/18/2000, is still available for download. By the way: Liquorice provided the base of Nut/OS.
  • Ethernut is an open embedded ethernet project for ATmega103 and somehow a successor of the Liquorice project.
  • uC/IP (pronounced mew-kip) is a project to develop free TCP/IP/PPP stack for uC/OS. The code is based on BSD code and carries the BSD licence. By Guy Lancaster.
  • eAVR is a group project for the development of GPL'd ethernet communication libraries for Atmel AVR microcontrollers. By Jason Kyle. (old home)
  • Embedded Ethernet Notes by Werner Cornelius
  • CPC/IP - A TCP/IP stack for Amstrad CPCs - CPC/IP is an implementation of the PPP, SLIP, IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, DNS, TFTP, HTTP, ping, finger and telnet protocols for Amstrad CPC computers with an Amstrad, Pace or CPC Amstrad International serial interface.

PPP & TCP/IP related

AVR related Links

  • is a good reference, a portal for nearly any available hard- and software, application notes and more.


  • optiCompo electronics runs an Online Shop including our i-easy products, hard-to-get parts and other AVR related products.

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