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i-easy Library

The i-easy Library handles all basic higher and lower functions on AVR MCU to PPP TCP/IP stack communication like sockets, message handling, TCP/IP, UDP connections, ... implementing the user friendly access to the stack features, and includes a demo application for e-mail, time server request, ftp and http.

It works on the i-easy pro PPP TCP/IP module hardware, the i-easy pro Starter Kit and the i-easy Application Kits. Special extensions and support options are available for the application kits.

Current releases are

  • The i-easy library in AVR GCC, included as standard with the i-easy pro (incl. demo application).

  • The i-easy library for CodeVision AVR (June 1, 2002).

    The lib has been ported from AVR GCC to the CodeVision AVR compiler, thus forming a first base among common lower price AVR compilers.
    Note: To compile this lib you need a full version of the CodeVision AVR compiler.

Copyright / License

The base lib module is free of charge. It is copyrighted by Robert Bastubbe. Copying and/or redistribution of this source code or part of it without permission of the author is not allowed. Every i-easy pro module by includes one license to use this source code.
If you want to use this source code in your own hardware project please mail or phone the author for licensing.


Subscribers of the i-easy_news mailinglist got login and password with the news-bulletin of 3rd July 2002. If you don't have a download password please request one from



  • GSM/GPRS lib module - handles GSM/GPRS calls, generation, coding and decoding of SMS. Implements FTP and SMTP commands in the library and the demo application.
Library extensions includes a good documentation and programming reference plus e-mail technical support for one year.

For more information contact