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The GPRS Server

We complete the i-easy pro series with the GPRS Server System.
The GPRS server is the ideal solution for your GPRS based systems like

  • GPS tracking solutions
  • M2M communication
  • facility management
  • fleet management
  • security applications.

    Our GPRS server manages the GPRS connection to several i-easy clients and direct traffic between the individual i-easy nodes themselve. The server especially provides two special features:

    1. The server allows to set-up an i-easy network of inter-communicating end-nodes, so e.g. conditioned actions can be implemented on a the lowest possible application level.
    2. Our GPRS server runs a special protocoll, which is optimized for low data volume. In particular as you pay GPRS service depending on the data-tranfer-volume, this effectively reduces your costs.
    The server handles thousands of clients. It runs on a RedHat Linux Server and includes High Security Options like 128 to 384 bit AES Encryption.
    The Server supports Multi-Messaging using Group Definitions. Multiple Headquarters can be configured.

    The GPRS Server ensures seamless integration to your VPN. It is the perfect choice for technology upgrades from SMS to GPRS.

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    Embedded-inet is also prepared to offer a hosting service for you.