We deliver embedded products on an industrial grade - powerful, easy to upgrade and up-to-date high-tech products especially designed to let you develop striking applications with networking features that others can only imagine on PC-based systems!

Using our experience on embedded products and networking issues you can target your efforts and imagination on developing skills in producing highly competitive products.

You can contribute or exchange ideas with us and others by using our discussion forum.
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Newsflash, 24-09-2014

  • Contact updated

    Embedded-inet has gradually changed project focii. Support for the existing products will now be available via NewLine Soft GmbH (contact details below).

    Please note the change in the e-mail details and update your records with our new contact data.

    Embedded-inet / Silke Schäfers
    c/o NewLine Soft GmbH
    Fabrikstr. 3
    48599 Gronau

    phone: +49 (0)2562 949 65 49
    fax: +49 (0)2562 949 65 04

    The email contact now is embedded-inet [at]

Newsflash, 12-28-2005

  • Our office is moving

    The Embedded-inet head office is moving in the first week of January 2006. Due to this there may be a slight delay in the processing of orders and projects.

    Please update your records with our new contact data:

    Embedded-inet GbR
    Perchastr. 3
    82335 Berg

    phone: +49 (0)8151 97 35 22
    fax: +49 (0)8151 97 35 24

    The email contact will certainly keep unchanged.

Newsflash, 05-17-2004

  • New Corporate Logo for Embedded-inet

    Embedded-inet's new Logo is designed to visually represent our focus on embedded networking technologies. The icon reflects the connectivity aspect by rays that 'plug' into the core application and link it to other systems. And it shows the embedded aspect, where the core is enclosed in a shell of peripherals. So this logo will give Embedded-inet a higher connotation and recognition value.

Newsflash, 11-27-2003

  • Online Shop reworked

    After some maintenance and updates our reworked web shop is available for you. Besides functional enhancements, you can now order all our standard products plus several third party tools at the shop.


Newsflash, 02-11-2003

  • GPRS Server presented to public

    We introduce our GPRS Server solution. The GPRS server is an efficient relaying and gateway solution for accessing and managing your various GPRS clients.


Newsflash, 09-03-2002

  • a2b Communication to be announced as UK distributor

    We welcome a2b Communication as our new distributor in the United Kingdom.
    a2b Communication is specialized in GPRS and short-range radio applications in conjunction with the i-easy pro modules.

    Distributor Information:

Newsflash, 08-22-2002

  • CodeVision AVR - C Compiler and IDE for AVR Microcontrollers

    We are pleased to announce that the CodeVision AVR Compiler is now available from us. It is an excellent C Compiler and IDE for Atmel AVR Microcontrollers at a pretty low price.

Newsflash, 07-03-2002

  • softPPP - embedded PPP TCP/IP stack for AVR controllers

    We are developing an embedded PPP TCP/IP stack for AVR controllers. The new stack, called softPPP, will be implemented at the i-easy module to replace the current Seiko S-760X hardware stack (iChip) in a modified hardware release. We currently have a basic framework stack to append the desired properties. The new stack will keep mostly compatible to the current i-easy library, such that your applications will be easy to port.

    Suggestions are welcome at .

  • i-easy pro with S-7601

    Until the new stack is ready to release, we are pleased to offer you the i-easy pro with Seiko S-7601 stack instead of its predecessor S-7600. The new S-7601 implements all S-7600 functions plus some bugfixes, double sized buffers etc.

    Details on the S-7601 can be found at

  • i-easy library for CodeVision AVR out now

    This i-easy c library has been ported from AVR GCC to the CodeVision AVR compiler, thus forming a first base among common lower price AVR compilers.

    Information and download:

  • New web residence incl. Forum

    The i-easy product line got a new and extended presentation at

    The new domain holds product information as well as application start-up kits, e.g. a complete GPRS application set incl. i-easy starter kit, Siemens GPRS module and full application code in C (see for details).

    We also added a Forum, sample applications (e.g. communication with sensors), faq, services section, ...

    Web side:

  • The side may appear a bit skinny in the beginning, so we strongly encourage you all to submit your contributions to
    Remember that a reference needs your cooperation to become relevant!